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About QR Codes & NFC Chips

The QR (Quick Retrieval) code on your pet's Smart Tag contains the unique URL of your profile page. When the code is scanned, your profile page will appear.  The code can be scanned by the camera of the latest smart phones, or using a barcode reader on older smart devices.  Bar code readers are available from the App Store for iPhones or from the Google Play store for android phones.

Alternative, the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip inside your pet's Smart Tag also contains the unique URL address of your profile page.  When an android phone comes into contact with this chip, the information at this URL is transferred to the phone and the profile page appears.  Currently the iPhone is not NFC enabled.  

Important note for dog owners:  Although the Bow Wow Meow Smart Tag can provide identification information about you and your dog, it is a legal requirement in the UK for all dogs in a public place to wear ID which has the owner's name and address engraved on it.  For more information click UK Dog Laws. Without this the owner can be fined up to £2,000.

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